Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jo's COOK BOOK #2 Ham And Spring Onion Quiche

This is my own recipe that I adapted from various British cookbooks. Tried and tested -- and we love it!

(NOTE: I am on a low sodium diet, and as cheese is high in sodium I do not add any extra into the pastry or egg filling. You may wish to add salt for seasoning. I recomend a pinch of salt for pastry. Add to taste for egg filling.)


You will need:

2 cups of flour, ¾ stick of chilled shortening or chilled ¼ butter 2/4 shortening, 1 cup of iced water, Plastic wrap

  1. Sieve your flour into your metal mixing bowl
  2. Cut shortening/butter with metal knife into small cubes
  3. Mix cubed shortening into flour, using your fingers, to create a crumb like texture
  4. When all shortening has been blended into flour, add water tea spoon by tea spoon, while kneading. Stop adding water when you get to the correct consistency. Typically, three to four table spoons of water seems about right for me.
  5. You will know your pastry is ready—it will stick together to form a dough.
  6. Place your dough into plastic wrap. Chill for a minimum of 3 hours to ensure easy rolling.


I like to make my pastry nice and sticky before chilling in fridge, which requires a little more water.

Make pastry the night before, chilling it overnight in the fridge. Then it will be ready to go at dinner time, without too much fuss.

You can adapt this pasty recipe:

Savory Pie: use 3 cups of flour instead, and one stick of shortening.

Sweet Pie: use 2 ½ cups of flour, ½ cup of sugar, and one stick of shortening


You will need:

A pie dish, I prefer glass or non-stick coated, Cooking spray, Rice and Baking Paper (for pastry weight), Rolling pin, Flour for rolling, 3 Eggs, 1/3 cup of sour cream, 1 cup of finely grated cheese

2 cups of Pre-fried chopped ham and spring onions finely chopped to suit, Cayenne pepper


  1. Sprinkle a clean surface with flour and roll out your pastry.
  2. Spray pie dish then carefully line pie dish with rolled pastry. Trim to suit
  3. Place baking sheet over pie, adding one cup of rice or a small plate to cover as much of the base as possible. This will apply weight to pastry, stopping it from rising and bubbling during the cooking process. Pre-baking pastry like this will ensure the egg doesn’t soak into the pastry, giving you a sloppy base. YUCK)
  4. Put pie, with oven proof weight in center, in the oven for 10 minutes
  5. While pastry base is cooking, mix in a bowl: eggs, cream and grated cheese.
  6. Once the pastry base has baked for ten minutes, take out.
  8. Remove the weight (rice and baking sheet or plate) and discard
  9. Spread your precooked ham and spring onion over the center of your half baked pastry
  10. Then, pour your egg, cream and cheese mixture evenly over the top
  11. Add a sprinkle of the cayenne pepper over the egg mixture
  12. Place in oven and bake at 380 for 40 minutes, or until egg completely cooked throughout.


We like to serve it with butter potatoes and green beans J or a salad and fries


You can eat it hot or chilled and it keeps up to three days chilled, in the fridge.

You can change the ham and spring onion around to almost any combo you like. Spinach, tomatoes, chicken and bell peppers also work well in a quiche, as does regular, finely diced onion.

Do you bake quiche? Any tips or suggestions to share?


  1. I'm going to sound like a complete idiot here, but what kind of oven-proof weight? Does it have to be the size/diamter of the pie pan, or can it be smaller, like a paper weight?

    Otherwise it sounds like a delicious recipe!

  2. Sorry Nicole, I didn't see your reply sooner, what with holiday madness and all that!

    If you use greaseproof (oven) paper and rice to weigh it down, you should use enough rice to spread the entire span of the pastry dish.

    If you use something else, like tinfoil or oven paper and a weight (such as a plate) it should cover as much of the hollow surface as possible. I use a small plate and it works just fine.

    The concept is to stop the inner pastry from puffing and bubbling out. So you need to cover as much surface as possible.

    We enjoyed a turkey and green bell pepper quiche on Boxing Day. Ha. Yesterday it was Creamy mushroom, turkey and wild rice soup. What yummie concoction can I whip up with the turkey today, I wonder? Ideas welcome! hehe

  3. Turkey pot pie!

    Boxing Day -- that always conjures images of Brits walking around dressed like Muhammad Ali, knocking each other about with big gloves! I know, it's named after the boxes the gifts come in, but when I first heard of it, that image got stuck in my mind and there it is!

    Glad you had a good holiday!

  4. LOL! To be honest, as a kid, I had similar imagery about the day.

    Yummm Turkey Pot Pie! Sounds perfect. We still have way too much turkey leftovers filling our freezer, but alas, the family has had enough of the stuff... for now.