Friday, January 8, 2010

Manuscript Limbo

I finished Death of Me, most of you know this by now. But what you don’t know is, four weeks ago I submitted said mauscript to a publisher. I kept it quiet in case I got rejected. Then I wouldn’t have to explain myself to everyone…instead I could curl up into my own little world, and rock a while before jumping myself back into action, and more submissions or corrections dependant on rejection letter.


I couldn’t keep quiet about it anymore, though. I am frustrated. I know its all part of the journey for an author, the waiting, but it doesn’t stop me from chewing on my nails, pacing the house and snapping at those closest to me. Yes. I am in manuscript limbo. It

feels like four months ago, that I submitted to this publisher, not four weeks.

I grafted over what I thought was a good query letter, and got some excellent feedback and help from a wonderful author (I can’t believe my luck there, and will definitely pay it forward when I am in the position to do so). She also critiqued my synopsis, and pointed out the major error of my ways. I can’t express enough gratitude for the help I received, not just from her, but from friends who gave suggestions, support and encouragement. It was a long journey, but I got there.


I am not a patient person, but I didn’t realize it would be this hard while waiting to hear. Everyone keeps trying to keep my spirits up (thank you lovelies) by telling me it’s a good sign that I’ve not heard anything yet—if it was a rejection, I’d have heard by now.

On their submission guidelines, it says I might wait up to 16weeks. It’s only been four. I could be rejected yet. Or they might ask for a full (one day soon, I hope).

Moving on...

I’ve moved onto my next project while I wait. In fact, I have two—a full length novel and a novella. There are also a few on the back burner that I love. With so much work to dig into, you’d think I’d be too pre-occupied to worry about the query process. It doesn’t help though. All it does is hinder my current work. I guess I just have to say, I hope it gets easier the next time I’m in manuscript limbo and try to get on with life, and writing.

I bet at least a few of you reading this blog are writers with a few books under their belt. Do you have any tips to help preoccupy my mind from the all consuming manuscript limbo?


  1. keep working on the next one and have faith that the right thing will happen. If one doesn't want it, then they weren't the publisher/agent for you, and another one, the right one, will!

  2. (((Nicole)))
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. After rambling away in that blog, I've moved on from that 'limbo' feeling and feel focused again. I guess I just needed to get my frustrations off my chest. :O)