Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MS To Book -- Cover Art. Getting from A to B

Getting through the first step. Cover art.
I knew this was coming. I was pre-warned by various authors via tweets etc... So I had my images all saved up in a special bookmark folder. What images? Images I've found while researching my MS. Images that were discovered for me after a discussion about my hero or heroine, or a prop or scenery.
Seriously, I have tons of bookmark folders for the MS's that I'm working on. Not only does it help when it comes to this stage, but it also helps me envision the story better while writing it. Perhaps it's the capricorn in me. I like to be organized.

The information sheet asks pretty basic questions. If you know your story and characters well, it's all good.
  • What does your hero/heroine look like?
  • Other important characters?
  • What about the setting?
  • What is the genre etc...?
  • Does your story have any important props?
  • Do you have any preferences or notes for the artist?
  • Include a blurb/description of the book.


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