Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Season Finale Blues -- Being Human sucks, bites and haunts you

No. Being Human doesn't suck. But it sucks that the season finale aired on Saturday. What are we going to do? No True Blood. No Being Human. Alas. we do have Supernatural starting up soon, so that will save our thirst for all things that go bump in the night ;) Meantime, to say my goodbyes, I'm dedicating this blog post to the haunting, suckie show that bites...in all the right ways.
Werewolf, Vampire and Ghost trying to be human. Hell, they're probably act more human than a lot of people I know. But what a great premise, right? I really wasn't totally sold on the first season. I watched the first one and thought, "uh-oh. Another Demons." Yeah, that Brit show was terrible, IMO. ButI gave it a second shot, because I'm kind like that. And I loved it. The character development is somewhat awesome, and the nitty gritty of life really does get these guys into an awful lot of sticky stituations. Season Two was a whopper! I adored seeing the bad side of Michtell coming out. And poor Annie. I expected them to start calling out, "are you there Carolanne."

It was a smashing season cliff hanger. Much better than the one True Blood gave us this time around, I think.
Annie the ghost is by far my favorite on the show. The episode that saw her helping out a stage medium had me sobbing, literally.
Her emotionally torment of not being able to be seen is just so heart-rendering. I was surprised to see her wanting to be exorcised though, considering all she's gone through to avoid the 'door'. But, still believable because Lenora Crichlow, who plays Annie, did a great job. I was biting my nails for her in the season finale.

What about Geroge, the werewolf, played by Russell Tovey?Yeah, it took a while for George to grow on me. I didn't much care whether he lived or died in the first season. He was cute, endearing and kinda annoying. But seeing him move in with a single parent, and the troubles he went through when trying to tame the beast inside...that got to me. I love George now, and want to see him have a happy ever after. Which he sort of got with Nina, his ex, whom he bit and turned in season one.

And then there is Mitchell, the vampire. Yup. Mitchell. *sigh* Okay, so besides the fact that he is vampire, and I go all googly eyed at the mere mention of vampire...he is pretty hot!
And he's not without his own tourment either, much like Angel from the good old days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he's been bad in his past. And he was bad in the last few episodes of season two. Very bad. HELLLLO bad boy Mitchell. I like his bad side. Aidan Turner, the actor who plays Mitchell, shows the struggle between being good and bad with excellence. I would LOVE to see him fall for Annie. Gawd, my heart was breaking for him when Lucy (the vampire slaying, crazy ass woman) was killed. For the first time, we see him with raw emotion. Even after all the crap she did to him, and making him turn bad, full on revenge. He loved her. Awwww

And that, ladies, gents and sups, is the end of this blog. Sigh. And the end of Being Human for a while.
But I'm interested, if you watch this show, what were your thoughts on the season finale? Did it meet your needs, or leave you frustrated? What do you think Herrick has planned for George?Who is your favorite character? And are you gagging for season three already, like I am?

One last thing before I hit 'publish post'...a Mitchell montage from youtube

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  1. I have never seen that show. But now that I've seen this little video snippet...I might to have watch it. . . . Oh my.

  2. oh I know all the supernatural shows ended- Being Human, True Blood, The Gates...at least Vampire Diaries is back on. I love that show- not as much as True Blood but close. I don't watch Supernatural. I missed the first season and have tried to watch it here and there but since I don't really know what's going on I'm kinda lost. Evcentually I plan to watch it all on DVD.

  3. @Lynn -- if you love your paranormal type shows, this one is a winner :) IMO I'm sure BBC America will replay, after all, they are kings of re-runs. hehe

    @Roxanne -- Le Sigh. It was a bit mean of them to end True Blood and Being Human within the same month. But yeay, at least we have Vamp Diaries and (for me) Supernatural, to look forward to.

  4. Jo-Ann, I'm going to have to check out this show. I can't believe I don't know it. Also, any hint on what a Mullo is? I've been dying to know since I saw the cover on Facebook!

  5. LOL, Rebecca, yes I'll give you a hint :) If you go to the BOOKSHELF tab at the top of the page, in the nav bar, you'll see the book info, and a link to find out more about Mullo.
    Is all I'm saying until I hit mega promo mode ! A bit of mystery never did anyone any harm.

    And, yes...check the show out :) if you get the chance, watch for it on BBC America. Give it two episodes before you make your mind up, because it is very different in its set up.