Thursday, February 10, 2011

Age of Aquarius

When A Mullo Loves A Woman By JoAnne Kenrick on GOODREADS 4.31 avg

Did You Know...

Aquarius, the new-age store featured in When A Mullo Loves A Woman was based on an actual store? It's in my home town, and started it's life on Aquarius Street. It's moved around Rhyl a bit, and is now on Market Street;still going strong. Each time I go home, I take a trip down memory lane and visit my favorite store. Aquarius was always the place to go, in Rhyl,for your tie-dyed gypsy skirts, metal bangles (I wore them by the tens), crystals and beautiful dress jewelry. She sold anything mystical/spiritual and that was my foot in the door to all things paranormal. My first Tarot Deck was purchased from Aquarius, and my first crystal.

When Pearl needed magical supplies to protect against evil Mullo (undead), I marched her straight to Aquarius, without even thinking about it!

"A deceptively complex story about the power of true love, featuring a scandalously wonderful leading man who will stop at nothing to save his soul mate. Throw in a few devious villains and a secret family legacy, and you have a winning and surprising paranormal romance." Bridget, The Romance Reviews, on When A Mullo Loves A Woman.

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