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JM Madden - 1NS Anagram Halloween Contest

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I'm featuring different books from the 1NS series. Pay attention to the purple letters in each of the posts, and collect them ready for a Halloween 1NS anagram contest I'll post on 21st October to celebrate the release of Dracula's Kiss. Four 1NS books, winners choice, are up for grabs!

Also, one random commenter throughout the 1NS posts will win an ecopy of Dracula's Kiss, digital format of winners choice. So be sure to comment on each post if you want to win :) Please don't be kill-joys by posting suggestions on what you think the 'winning word' might be. Such posts will be deleted. Thanks.

Ready for a 1NightStand with author JM Madden?

www.decadentpublishing.com 's multi-author series, 1NightStand, is based around Madame Evangeline's match-making skills. She has a, some might say magical, talent for putting the right two people together for just one night. When she does that, anything is possible. Especially when the dates take place at the fabulous Castillo Hotels and Resorts in some of the most exotic places in the world.

Wet Dream, JM Madden's 1NightStand book, takes us to... BLANK FIND OUT.

Ex-FBI agent Ginger Hampton is not surprised when her date is a no show. Madame Evangeline, owner of 1NightStand promised her a perfect night…but Ginger is used to disappointment in love. The fact that she’s six feet tall, model perfect and owns her own high-end security firm tends to intimidate men. In spite of herself, she’d had high hopes for this date.

Madame Eve’s email had told him to watch for a woman in distress, and the woman at the bar is exactly that. Chief of Security Cameron Jones doesn’t see himself as a hero, but he’s willing to check on a special guest for his boss. He doesn’t realize until he sees her face that it’s Ginger Hampton, his own personal weak spot. She’s not turned off by his brutal scarring, and even flirts as if she’s interested. When he escorts her to her room, does he have
the balls to respond to her interest, and stay the night? How can he say no to…his own personal wet dream?

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He cleared his throat. “Are you, uh, waiting for somebody?”
She blinked at him and frowned at the mostly empty glass in front of her. “Yes. A date.” She tossed him a wry smile. “But he didn’t show up.” She glanced at the watch on her wrist. “He’s an hour late now.”
Cameron’s brows lowered in disbelief. Who would leave someone so beautiful and intelligent hanging that way? “I seriously hope he’s in the hospital or being mugged downtown or some other catastrophic event. He better have a damn good excuse.”
Ginger laughed and swallowed the last of her drink, her expression dark with sadness as she faced him again. “Thank you for that. I don’t know why he didn’t show. We were set up through a dating service.”
Madame Eve. Cameron struggled with the thought that she had to be set up on a date. The woman was bangin’ hot and knew people. It amazed him that she didn’t already have a family, let alone a boyfriend. Ginger quirked a sleek auburn brow at him. “You’re wondering why I employed a dating service.” She raised a smooth shoulder delicately, the silver chain at her throat glinting in the low light. “I wanted somebody with more substance than I could find in my circles. Most of the guys I know are either too full of themselves, freaks, or too scared to ask me out. I needed somebody objective to help out and guide me in the right direction.” Resignation tightened her features.
“Worked great, huh?”
Cameron’s jaded heart shuddered at her obvious disappointment. But he could understand her reasoning. And he could certainly sympathize with the men. Honestly, he didn’t know if he had the balls to ask her out. You’re on duty, asshole. You can’t. He’d been asked to work the night shift tonight for a reason. Surely he’d located the woman Madame had told him to watch for. He pulled his cell phone out and typed off a quick text, letting Mike know he was going off shift. He offered Ginger a slight smile, just enough for the scar to tug at his lips.
Taking a deep breath and his courage in hand, he asked her, “Can I buy you a coffee?”


I was a deputy sheriff in Ohio for nine years, and I found myself tapping that experience as I wrote Second Time Around. No, I didn't tackle and cuff my husband, although there was that time in K-mart... Anyway, it was quite a change going from writing technical reports with diagrams, witness statements, inventories etc that would stand up in court to writing contemporary romance. I've always written, though, and it was not something I could just turn off. I have stacks of spiral bound notebooks attesting to the fact that I can't shut that side of myself off.

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  1. Another 1NS story I have to read! :)

  2. This one's a gooden!! And what a title, right?

  3. Thanks girls! I'm so tickled to be here!
    Yeah, the title was one of those things that just came to me, and seemed absolutely perfect. Even though I blush when I tell people about it, I'm still very proud of it.
    Thanks Jo Anne!

  4. I love it when a scarred hero finds his HEA. Shame on the women who are overlooking the heart of the man because of the marks on his skin.

  5. Everybody deserves a happy ending, no matter what they look like. Warriors that protect us especially so.