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L.C. Dean - 1NS Anagram Halloween Contest


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Pay attention to the purple letters in each of the posts, and collect them ready for a Halloween 1NS anagram contest I'll post on 21st October to celebrate the release of Dracula's Kiss. Four 1NS books, winners choice, are up for grabs!

Also, one random commenter throughout the 1NS posts will win an ecopy of Dracula's Kiss, digital format of winners choice. So be sure to comment on each post if you want to win :) Please don't be kill-joys by posting suggestions on what you think the 'winning word' might be. Such posts will be deleted. Thanks.

So...are you ready for a 1NightStand with author L.C. Dean? 's multi-author series, 1NightStand, is based around Madame Evangeline's match-making skills. She has a, some might say magical, talent for putting the right two people together for just one night. When she does that, anything is possible. Especially when the dates take place at the fabulous Castillo Hotels and Resorts in some of the most exotic places in the world.

Mountain Claiming, L.C. Dean's 1NightStand, takes us to... Grand Turk

When Madame Eve and her 1 Night Stand offer a chance at escape, Daniel Long drops the yoke of submission and runs to the Castillo Resort, Grand Turk and the hope of a future without repression. Everything on the island steals his breath including the gorgeous hotel manager, Jagger Castillo. Daniel quickly discovers he's out of bondage and way out of his comfort zone.

Jagger isn't expecting the gift Madame Eve drops on his doorstep, but once he realizes how precious the present is, he won't let go without a fight. The only question is, can he claim Daniel before the night slips away and cheats them both of paradise.

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His date's slow southern drawl announced his presence as he entered the candlelit restaurant, and the mother from the pool stopped him. In a nod to Hermana's dress code his lightweight, tan sport coat fitted his body to perfection, kissing the edge of wide shoulders and nipping in to a relatively narrow waist. A pale lavender shirt, unbuttoned at the throat, finished his casually elegant attire. Jagger wasn't the man's intended date, so he had no right to fantasize about slowly stripping away the trappings of civility, but that didn't stop the longing coiling low in his gut. The mountain of a man equaled his every fantasy since coming to terms with his sexuality. Eve could not have sent a sweeter treat had she handpicked him with Jagger in mind.

Daniel patted the mother's hand and squatted to appear less intimidating as he spoke to the little boy. For the first time since his arrival, a smile lifted the corners of his mouth and weird, unexpected emotion sparked to life in Jagger's chest. He wanted to be the one to put that look on the big guy's face, wanted to erase the sadness permanently.

When Daniel continued across the room, everyone noticed or acknowledge him in some way, a smile and nod or an appreciative once-over, whatever the reaction, no one missed him. Pausing to help Mrs. Schneider with her chair and offer a quiet comment to her husband, Daniel oozed shy charm. He even paused to return a dropped credit card to a waiter hurrying through the room. Every action showed consideration for those around him, a natural caring and attention to detail too rare in the world.

Jagger stood as his date finally entered the semi-private alcove. A confused look flitted over the man's face. “I'm sorry. I thought…the hostess up front said I should come back here….”

“You're in the right place. Have a seat.” Jagger gestured to the vacant chair and waited while Daniel settled in. “Can I get you anything to drink?”

“No.” His scowl deepened. “I was supposed to meet someone.” He glanced toward the main dining room, searching for his unknown date.

“That's me.”

A different expression flashed a second before the big man schooled his features. “The profile said Jagger Allen, not Castillo.”

What? Confusion quickly gave way to pleased understanding. That conniving, wonderful, little bitch. “Allen's my middle name. Madame Eve is very cautious with how much she reveals at times. Perhaps she didn't want you to be intimidated.” Or disappointed if I refused to show.


The reserved response did nothing for Jagger's ego. “Listen, if you're not interested, you're free to go. No need to follow through with this if I'm not what you expected…or hoped for.”

“No!” Daniel's eyes dropped to the table. “That's not it, Mr. Castillo. I'm just nervous, I guess.” His long lashes lifted. “I'm not what most people anticipate.”

Jagger smiled, anxious to ease the other man's discomfort. “A bit unexpected perhaps, but you're all I would have hoped for.”


L.C. Dean lives and works in St. Paul, MN with the love of her life, a two-year-old coonhound named Jake. While searching for her own dream personified, she enjoys reading, writing, and hiking. This is L.C.'s first attempt at M/M, but if readers enjoy her efforts, she would like to write more.

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  1. I agree Yum! If Mountain Claiming lives up to the promise of that excerpt, I think readers will be clamoring for more M/M stories from you L.C.