Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm seeing in the New Year with the Smutketeers, and have I got a BUZZ for you?!

I'm seeing in the new year with some smutty ladies, a fantastic contest and a naughty excerpt!

I bet ya'll can hear me doing a fan girl squeal all across the States....because I'm on the Smuketeers blog!! *Does a Wayne and Garth impression -- I'm not worthy* The Smutketeers are a group of authors who have banded together with the phrase, "All for smut, and smut for all." And they are.... R.G. Alexander, Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin, Karen Erickson, and Crystal Jordan. If you've not tried their work yet, and you like da smut, may I suggest you go check 'em out?

The Smutketeers Do JoAnne Kenrick!

Hello fellow smut lovers, Smutketeers and Smutkedettes.

How did this happen? When did we get here? Last I looked I was prepping for Christmas.

The kids have gone back to school, and those boring things we called jobs have started again. The holiday is over and a new year awaits us; hopefully, all those 2011 hangovers are far behind you and you’re looking forward to all that 2012 promises. If not, you can always turn to a spot of smutty reading to lighten the mood and brighten the spirits. My to-read list for the new year is already toppling over, and we’re not even into the first week yet. But isn’t that just the best way to have it? Lots of romances to look forward to, and hero’s to drool over. Best of all, a whole lot of delicious smut to indulge in.

So here’s to 2012 and all the smut it may bring us.

Oh, and if sexy vamps, dark, spooky Scottish castles, and a spot of light BDSM is up your smutty alley, then get a load of this to get a rocking start to your year… CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR FULL POST, A SMUTTY EXCERPT AND A CONTEST SURE TO GIVE YOU A BUZZ :)

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