Saturday, March 31, 2012

Let's Get Naked!

Tales From The Coffin: Let's Get Naked!: Welcome to Estella and Lucy's little corner of the world-wide-web. They're so glad you made it, and have arranged some tea and scones. Please, please, won't you make yourself comfortable and stay for a story?

(Blog Hop  April 1- April 5 '12)

What? You don't know who Estella and Lucy are. Okay. Fair enough. These undead ladies are new to the scene, and have been pretty secretive...until now.
Estella  is better known as the Vampire  Queen of the Rejected due to her major Haversham complex; dumped at the altar, she's Dracula's rejected bride. And boy does she harp on it. Still wears her Victorian wedding dress, moth holes and all.
Lucy Rot  was a  sweet girl who had a rather bad experience with magic. Now she's a zombie and Estella's lover and, for lack of a better work, lacky.
Together, they lure the unsuspecting into their dark basement for a fix of darkly erotic twisted tales...and dinner!
Think story within a story. Great expectations mashed with Tales from the Crypt to make Red Shoe Diaries.  Estella is the new Elvira. Lucy is  the new Igor.    
I can't think of a better way to introduce these, erm, ladies, than to give you a little preview from their introduction to the first story. 
CONTEST to win digital arc of book one AND a gorgeous neo victorian choker

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