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Chocolate and Roses - getting intimate with my readers

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It's 1989 and Ryker Conall, American rock star and heartbreaker, is looking all kinds of Bon Jovi hot. He's back in Australia and staying in the exclusive Darling Harbour Hotel where Sadie Fox works. His plans include more than rocking it down under. He also wants to rekindle what he had with Sadie back in '85. But wanting and getting are two different things.Sadie's objective is to get through the week without getting under Ryker. Getting over him was hard the first time around. She's not sure she could do it a second. Just one week, that's all, then she's home free.When a hurricane moves in, they have to wait it out. It might be a big hotel, but Sadie can't hide from Ryker forever. It's not long before Sadie is backed into a corner. A corner she is not sure she wants to get out of.

Soundtrack includes such awesome 80s tunes such as:
Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane
Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me
INXS - Need You Tonight
Alice Cooper - Poison
Berlin - Take My Breath Away
Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name
Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight
REO Speedwagon - Keep On loving You
Warrant - Cherry Pie


Come hop with us and read our memorable moments; authors recall when someone gave them roses or chocolates. Heck, maybe they were lucky duckies and got both at the same time.

 All prizes are separate and offered by the authors.

So... let's get intimate. Yeah, sharing personal details so isn't my usual thing to do. When I heard Lea's suggestion for the blog hop, though, I jumped on board with an idea already in mind.
Let me take you back. No, not to the beginning when I was in my mother's womb -- I can spare you that. So breath -- but I am going to take you back a fair few years to give you the full effect of my true life romance.
I'll keep it quick. Or at least, I'll try to.
My dear husband and I have always known each other from way back when we were wearing diapers, but we didn't always get along. In fact, we barely spoke to each other. Living just down the road from each other, and going to the same school right through until we were 16, you'd think we'd have had more interactions than the couple of play dates our mother's arranged. Yeah, I remember one of said play dates; I was doing a jigsaw with his sister, only to have him come running through her bedroom and kicking up our hard work. I was so cross!
Years later, after college and all that fun stuff, we were working together at the same place. Different departments, but same building. I'd call that fate. But whatever. He started there just as I had handed in my notice. I was leaving to start the whole college thing again. I think I was because I felt incomplete as corny as that sounds; I was looking for 'more'. Or I was simply bored.
Romance blossomed between us, but I had to leave. Not just work, but the town in which we lived. Now a half hour drive separated us during the week. The plan was to spend the weekends with my gorgeous biker of a boyfriend.
First day of college rolled around and a huge--and I mean HUGE--bunch of red roses awaited me along with the most romantic note ever. I still have that note. Nope, not going to scan and share. It's personal ;) if you get my drift.
But of all the boyfriends I'd had before (yeah, not that many) none of them ever went the extra mile. Sure, I might have had flowers or chocolates on a birthday or for valentines day. But not one of them showed this amount of consideration and love toward me. Ever. Football/soccer or drinking with mates always seemed to come before me. Probably because we weren't a good match.
Of course, I already knew he was the one for me. Hey, he hated football. That right there was reason to marry the dude! But the flowers just took it that extra mile.
Guess who now felt complete? Yeah. Me!
And I still do today.
We've traveled the world together, had two gorgeous children, and gone through many ups and downs.
He still does things that take me by surprise and remind me what a wonderful man he is. I sure struck gold with my guy.
Heck, bet you didn't think I was that much of a romantic, did you? But there you have it. And if you're a sucker for HEAs like me, you should totally check out my siren-bookstrand book, Rock You Like A Hurricane. Use the rafflecopter for a chance to win a free copy. And if you're looking to check out more of my work, don't forget to visit me on AMAZON

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  1. Love your love story, Joanne!

    Have a wonderful hop and I wish you much success with Rock you Like a Hurricane. The story sounds delicious.

  2. I love roses as my e-mail shows.
    Good luck with your book.

  3. Love the should write a blog hopping. I intend to pick up your latest writing venture - looks delicious.
    Camile Carson

  4. What a great real life love story! Thanks for sharing.

  5. husband is a great romantic too. Still is after many years and lots od roses and chocolates among other things...

  6. Love your story, Joanne. Thank you for sharing. Rita Bay