Tuesday, October 16, 2012

$12 for a new #eReader? WHAT! #TxtrBeagle

News flooded my Facebook and Twitter feed last week; everyone was abuzz--me too--about this upcoming new eReader technology...or rather OLD eReader technology. Battery operated eReader?!

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The basic premise is enticing. I wanted one for my children to take to school for the following reasons:
  1. Cheap. (10 euros, 12 us dollars, 8 pounds) << before taxes.
  2. Smaller than the average readers means perfect for smaller hands.
  3. Light weight.
  4. No charger or usb cords for the kids to loose.
  5. Works from AAA batteries, which apparently last 12 months a pop for this device!
SPECS according to Txtr's website Txtr have announced the Beagle is the world’s smallest e-reader; its slimmest point is 5mm thick, it has a Galaxy S2-style bump where 2 AAA batteries are housed, and it weighs 128 grams. The screen is a 5-inch E Ink display with an 800 x 600 pixel resolution. With 4GB of internal memory, it's not an ebook hoarders dream, but for a reader on the go, it's perfect purse size. Formats supported on the Txtr: pdf and .epub book formats, along with all others normally supported by a smartphone. No wi-fi. eBooks will be loaded onto the Beagle via bluetooth and android apps.

Upon closer look at what the TXTR BEAGLE will offer, I am confused as to how they are able to offer it so cheaply. Is The reason it's so cheap is because it is an add on to smart phones as suggested on DigitalTrends.com? Does this mean we have to have a smart phone to be able to use the TXTR? We can only speculate until TXTR release more information about their exciting new product which is apparently still in prototype mode -- they'd better get their roller skates on if they want their little device to make it to Christmas stockings!

It is my hope that the app you use to send books to the reader can be used from any android device, and no other devices--such as a certain phone--are needed before you can purchase the cheap as chips reader. I'll be taking one in every color option if that's the case. They'd make super cute and cheap author prizes, all loaded up with some of the author's books. Great way for eReader virgins to get their digital reading groove on for the first time.

The situation seems to be that Germany and UK may get this on the market just in time for the Christmas shopping season. But that's not certain. It's speculation. TXTR...tell us more about it! And when is it arriving on our USA doorsteps? We want more than this, albeit cutesy, advert. txtr beagle from txtr on Vimeo.


  1. Interesting! I wonder how long before every child has something like that

  2. *waves hi to Kate*
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting xx

    At this price? probably as long as it takes them to get this on the market *grins*
    I just hope the android app thing isn't a problem. sometimes those things can be fussy, and only work when they choose to. Or worse, only work via certain phones.