Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweet Heat TRICK OR TREAT, gawd the heat!

Sweet Heat Trick or Treat Blog Tour

Trick or Treat
Gawd the Heat
Book Boyfriends are mental-sweets!

Blog Tour ends October 31st and on Halloween you’ll return to the  Road to Hell series blog and receive your final word. Here’s the “trick”—you’ll have to arrange all the words you’ve received each day into a sentence and then provide the sentence in the rafflecopter provided. New entries will be added to the rafflecopter each day so be sure to check back at the  Road to Hell series every day to increase your chances of winning!

Here's your "treat".
The word in the photo is your “treat”! Make sure you keep it in a safe place. “Visit” the Road to Hell series (http://madisonroadtohell.blogspot.com) tomorrow, and each day thereafter, to find the next “treat”! The Sweet Heat Trick or Treat 

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