Monday, April 15, 2013

When an author delivers the goods!

Ms. Kenrick delivered the goods! For authors, reviews are like tips in the tip jar, and when a review starts like that you know it's gonna be a GREAT tip! You can bet your nelly the author  immediately smiles and reads the rest of that kind of review at warp speed. And re-reads it. Then they most probably squeal and sigh. Of course, a sense of achievement thus follows. There's nothing like it.
I was greeted with such a review over the weekend for Irish Kisses book three THREESOME SWEETNESS.
Reviewed by Shyla (love that name) for Romancing the Book. Thank you Shyla xx
"In tune with his wife, Todd is well aware of his wife’s boredom he plans a thirtieth birthday she’ll never forget. I love Todd for the simple fact that he’s so secure in his marriage, and mindful of Elizabeth’s desire. That’s a quality to be cherished, especially after as many years of marriage as they have under their belt. Along with the sexy, American restaurateur, Cade this couple sets fire to the pages. Despite bringing a third into their sexual romp Kenrick makes it very clear this is about Todd, and Elizabeth, which impressed me.

I really enjoyed this spicy read and I highly recommend it."
For full review:

Reviews aren't just tips for an author for a job well done (or not so well done), they're also a way to help spread the word about their book -- the more reviews a book has, the more the likes of amazon will help promote their book in the search results etc... Readers really appreciate them, too.
So BIG HUGS to each and every single one of my readers who have reviewed my work -- your words are important, and your stars feed me ;) THANK YOU!

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