Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No more NOOK? Say it isn't so... well, okay then. #readingrocks #epubs

And I will.
Say it isn't so that is.

My Facebook feed is full of statements like
With a link to this article.

Let's clear up any confusion.
What the heck folks? Didn't you read the links you share out?

It states in said article that it is NOT the end for NOOK, just the NOOK TABLET.

And I quote:

"Barnes & Noble will still make and design black-and-white readers like the Nook Simple Touch, which it says are more geared to serious readers, who are its customers, than to tablets."

And what's with the comments on those updates?
"How upsetting for Nook users."
"Nook users will have all those books and no device to read them on."


ePub format, which is for the Nook, is the most universal format for ebooks so there are a lot of options to read our epubs on, not just a Nook. And there's always the Nook application for the iPad and iPad mini etc... 

So us Nook users, we'll be A OKAY if the Nookageddon ever does strike. Don't worry about us.

Happy eReading... 

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