Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No pain, no gain, says the plot bunnies.

As an author, I can sit countless hours at a computer while writing, plotting, or procrastinating via Twitter and Facebook. It's easy to slip into the zone and not bother myself to anything outside writing. That's fine, the washing and all that other stuff is easily caught up with later in the day when I'm in no mood for work. BUT after a few years of this behavior, I've found myself in a very unhealthy, unfit state.

Blowflex Treadmill to the rescue.
The intention is to drop what I'm doing every two hours, and pound out ten or twenty minutes of exercise. But wants and actual can-dos are two different things. I'm working up to being able to actually cope with such stress on my weak and out of shape body. Also, working out is boring. And takes up time I need for writing. I used to enjoy getting in shape, one might even say I was addicted to it in my early twenties. Now it's something I HAVE to do. As soon as it feels as a needed part of the day, I want to brush it under the rug and run to my computer to write.

The point is, I'm trying and I'm on the right track now. I feel so much better because of this.

And who knew? Plot bunnies scream super loud during exercise.

What about you? Do you exercise? And authors, when do plot bunnies scream the loudest at you?

My killing machine. Yes, that's my KFire balancing on the treadmill - I listen to audibles while I exercise, or old soundtracks like Dirty Dancing)

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  1. You may want to kill me, but I love to exercise and make it part of my daily routine (I also love to eat and if I didn't exercise I'd be tipping the scales at four hundred pounds or more). It's great that you work it in between writing.