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Post a comment on my blog post here to be entered to win an ecopy of DRACULA'S KISS, a halloween vampire 1NS set in Cruden Bay. Cruden Bay is the prefect setting for a spooky vampiric halloween tale... 

Cruden Bay and it's surrounding area is home to a few different locations of interest that are perfect for the female lead, Catherine Ela (Cathela), who has what some might say an unhealthy obsession with vampires. Well, her boyfriend Nick would say it's unhealthy. Lucky for her she moves on to more exciting pastures in...Dracula's Kiss.

Ecclesgrieg Castle is located in St Cyurus, near Cruden Bay. It's believed that Bram Stoker visited while staying in the Kilmarnock Arms in Cruden Bay during 1894. This house has an an intriguing history, with legends of curses, smugglers, and ghostly sightings.
Sadly, the building is in need of some serious repair. Author to the rescue, and creative license. With my magic wand, well my keyboard, I renovated it into an impressive five star hotel for the Castillo chain of hotels and resorts featured heavily in the multi-author 1NS series of which Dracula's Kiss is apart of.
VoilĂ . We have a rendezvous meeting place worthy of our vampire obsessed Cathela and her dark prince, Alec Murray.

Slains Castle (also known as New Slains Castle) is sat on cliff edges, over looking the often rough North Sea. That right there is perfect, without the Dracula connection; I loved cliff-edged buildings in my vampire or ghost stories. The story goes that Bram Stoker visited this castle while vacationing in Cruden Bay. A year later, Dracula was published. Of course, every building Bram Stoker ever visited has been rumored to be the inspiration for locations in his novels. Whether they are, or not, it's still fun to know he walked those lands while writing one of my favorite novels of all time. Yes, there's a little bit of Cathela in me.

Kilmarnock Arms Inn. Bram visited this hotel and pub often during the 1800s, and it is believed he used to use it as a writing retreat. I used this location as the place where Cathela stayed after the Bank's Halloween ball in Slains Castle. It seemed like the obvious choice for Cathela to book a room here. I couldn't see her even considering anywhere else being the die-hard Dracula fan that she is.

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Marshal of Hel Dorado by Heather Long

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  1. Dracula premieres on NBC on Oct. 25. I think the guy who played Henry VIII in The Tudors is in it. How excited ARE you, JoAnne? LOL!

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  3. Awesome!!! Dracula's Kiss sounds like a great read!! I love Dracula!!
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  9. love the cover, it's gorgeous and the book sounds wonderful. i look forward to reading it.
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  10. This sounds really good and the cover is very seductive just like Dracula.
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  11. DRACULA'S KISS, Looks really good:)

  12. Dracula is definitely one of my favorite stories. I still bring out the old Bella Lugosi movie and share it with my kids. Happy Halloween!
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  13. This sounds really good and the cover is very seductive just like Dracula.
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  14. It sounds really good, love the cover.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
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  15. JoAnne,
    Thanks for sharing that video about Slain's Castle. I was mesmerized! Your books must be haunting and evocative.

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  17. This is so fun and exciting! Happy Halloween to ya all! Thanks for the fun and goodies! :) Draculas Kiss sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing it!

  18. THanks so much for dropping by everyone xxx I wish you all a wonderfully spooky and fun halloween xx MWAH!
    ANd the winner of Dracula's Kiss is Ashley A - email on its way to you about how to claim your prize hehe Congrats!!