Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rainbow in your Pocket for Stress and Winter Blues

Since the rainbow blog, I've had one or two comments asking me for a quick, and easy, excercise to ease the winter blues. This post is for them. Who knows. Maybe you'll find this exercise helpful, too?

Here's the quicky...

Buy a gem for each colour of the rainbow (they can be found in most new age or health stores at great prices). Small tumble stones are good for this little idea.


Say a little prayer holding your gems. Then leave them outside under the moonlight for a full night.

Rainbow in your Pocket...

The next morning place the seven gems in your pocket, pouch or purse.

You can bring them out to hold them. Either look at the pretty colors, or use them as you would stress balls under moments of stress during hectic days, or on days you feel you need to be reminded of the magic of new beginnings.

Rinse and Repeat...

Repeat the moonlight and prayer process after each day you've used them as this will ensure your gems will not absorb your stressed energies, and that they will continue to calm you in moments of need.

Spring is just around the corner. Can you feel her calling to us? SQUEEEEEE


  1. We've been getting 60-70 degree weather this week and it does feel like spring.

    I'm so glad you liked Release -- it made my day today!

  2. Oh, 60-70 F sounds divine! I don't think I'm cut out for this MN weather. I'm snuggled next to the roaring fire with two sweaters on and huge, fluffy slippers. Brrrr.