Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Movin', had me a blast

The blog has been abandoned for so long it could be considered neglect. My apologies.
Lots have been happening since my last post. For instance, I am no longer sat in my split level home in Minnesota and dreading the up and coming winter. No! Instead, I am sat in my gorgeous new brick home in North Carolina wondering what I’ll do with the kids snowboards, boots and pants because it doesn’t look likely that we’ll need those again! Storage, just incase, I reckon.
And that old saying about ‘Southern Hospitality’ isn’t a myth. They really are welcoming here. But when it rains, oh my, it pours. It’s like Armageddon rain! I can’t say I’m really missing all the tornado drills of MN but I am missing our old house and the convenience it offered in the summer months (in the winter it didn’t matter that the school was in walking distance because in 2/3 sometimes 4 foot snow, you aint walking anywhere).
The day we moved into our new home it was mid heat wave and the AC units died a death. It was 95F upstairs. Needless to say we were very glad when the AC guy fixed it the next morning.
Then came the wood flooring. Wood flooring was already down in 60% of the ground floor but it was yellowed and old, and we wanted it to continue into the great room. We contracted the workers and got them to sand back the existing floor and feather in the new. They stained it a beautiful dark color called Providence and now it looks super sexy! We suffered a week of dust and strangers in the home but it was so worth it. The place is slowly starting to feel like ‘home’.
My only complaint about this house is the kitchen. It’s just feels so small after using the one in our old MN house. Other than that, buying a house site unseen, we did alright. I know, hubby came out and saw it, but I had no idea. I had photographs to go from and that was it. FUN.
I’ve also been busy on the writing front.
My paranormal romance based on an ancient gypsy legend of the undead has been revised and is back in the submission process. Revising was actually a lot of fun and I love the MS even more now.
My 80’s contemporary is going great too. That MS is proving to be an awful lot of fun to write and I can’t wait for you to read it…hopefully it will transport you back to the days of glam rock, shoulder pads and speedos – the story is set in Sydney, Australia and if I do say so myself, is smoking hot!
That was my summer vacation. No holidays this year. How about you? Go or do anything exciting this summer?

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