Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The 80's. Let's go Retro, baby!

I'm an eighties chick. Loved the music, loved the fashion and all those Hughes movies like Pretty in Pink.
Here’s a couple of WIP paragraphs from chapter one of my unpubbed Retro Rom Com.
WIP chapter one intro: Sadie Fox is avoiding rock star Ryker Connall because... well you'll have to read the book when it's released to find out why. I'm such a tease, or at least that's what my husband says.
"It was one of ‘those’ moments. You know, when everything becomes slow in motion and you can hear the imaginary Ghetto-blaster blasting your eardrums with Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard.”

“And just like that, her back-to-the-past drool session had ended. Sadie scrambled to break free of the crowd, reminding herself that her appetite for rockers had gone up in flames when she had burned her spandex leggings and thigh-high, rocker boots years ago.”

“Not to be rude, Mr. Official, but I know what a meet-and-greet means in his language. And since I’m not a piece of meat that needs greeting, I’ll pass. Thanks.” Sadie wiggled her nose, irritated by an itch offered by her long bangs. She was also irritated at herself for considering Ryker’s offer for even a second. How could she still be jonesing for Ryker after what he had done to her?"


  1. First movies that come to mind are Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. I LOVED those movies! As for staying calm on a submission.... hmmm, chat with a friend... start on your new next best seller, or sit back and watch a movie in celebration of finally having DONE the damn thing!

  2. Oooh! Loved the snarkiness of Sade instantly. And the cliff hanger makes me want more!

    Regarding the 80's, I'd love to have that decade back--minus the shoulder pads, of course.

  3. Nicole, couple of scenes stuck in my mind from The Breakfast Club: When Alley Sheedy is making a snow scene for her drawing. Oh dear *shakes head in disbelief* And when Judd Nelson is under the table. Geeze. hehe
    Oh, and can't forget the tale Emilio Estevez shares about why he has detention. Tsk.

  4. Liz, oh the shoulder pads. They always remind me of the hay-days from Dallas and Sue Ellen Ewing. I watched that show obsessively, for years. Watched re-runs that play on Bravo when we lived in the UK, too. Yes. I love mostly anything eighties. hehe

    Glad you enjoyed the snippets :) I loved writing this story.

  5. Oh yeah. I LOVE the 80s. I remember Debbie Gibson, Lost in your Eyes. I was in the Cayman Islands on vacation my sophomore year in high school. Met this really cute "local" and was "lost in his eyes" the entire vacation. LOL.

    This was great fun!

  6. Oh, Lynn... Lost in your Eyes is my first break up song! I listened to that song over and over again while hiding out in my bedroom. Of course I got over it pretty quick, you kinda do in High School. hehe
    Holiday Romances, awww, nothing like 'em! Thanks for sharing xxx

  7. Pour Some Sugar on Me? I LOVE that song. I'm going to have to go find my Def Leppard CD now. Good luck with the WIP! I go through love it/hate it cycles with each of my books. By the tenth round of revisions and edits and copy edits, I'm sick of looking at it and despise it. But if I put it aside for a few weeks and go back, I love it again. It's kind of like having a baby that cries all night, every night for six months straight, but as soon as you leave him/her at the babysitter for three hours, you can't wait to hold him/her again.

  8. That's totally an 80's classic rock song, right?

    Thanks for the well wishes, Olivia. So what your saying is, if I get to the point where I've had enough, I should get a baby sitter? For the kids or the book? Maybe both? hehe

    Off to slap Hysteria in the CD player -- wish I had a ghetto blaster, and a tape, to get that authentic atmosphere going while working on the WIP today :)