Tuesday, February 15, 2011

blog hop birthday books

Well, hello there! This is my first time at the Sassy Blog Hop, so if you've never been here before, welcome! And for those returning for yet more of my ramblings...nice to see you again.

So, the question of the day at Sassy Brit Blog Hop is: Do I buy books for friends and family members for their birthdays. If so, which books did you gift and why? Do you give your own books as gifts?

Well... I don't give my book out as a gift, birthday or otherwise -- that's just plan weird. I mean, if someone wanted to read my book, they would. They don't need me shoving it down their throats, do they? That's bound to cause friction. Besides, I'd like to think friends and family are supportive, and would have already brought my book ;)

As for books in general for birthday presents. If I know someone has been after a certain book, and I can get it signed, I will. But in general, nah..Birthday presents are about making that person feel special, so the present will be geared to what I think they'll like. But, just in case friends and family are reading this blog... books make me feel very special :) *hint hint* Book GC's/ARe eBucks make me feel like a princess!!! *bigger hint hint*

The last time I brought a book for someone else was The Forest of Hands and Teeth for my son (not a birthday present, it was because I'd talked about how much I loved it. He mentioned he wanted to read it, too. So, since he doesn't like reading ebooks (can't take them to school) I brought him the paperback. He loved it, too. So book two is on order. And I have it on my eReader ready! I actually blogged about Carrie Ryan's series over on The Para Posse blog! *shudder - zombies and YA fiction -- when did kids books get so darn creepy?*

So..what about you? Which was the last book you brought for someone else, and why?

"This is a deceptively complex story about the power of true love, featuring a scandalously wonderful leading man who will stop at nothing to save his soul mate. Throw in a few devious villains and a secret family legacy, and you have a winning and surprising paranormal romance."- Bridget, The Romance Reviews.

Take a chance on this new author and pick up this book. I was thoroughly entertained by this offering and am sure that you will be, too." Hockeyvamp, Bitten By Books.

Mullo is a gypsy legend of the undead - read all about it here and here)


  1. I bought BOOK THIEF (e-book) for my sister because I loved it and thought she would to. She did. :-)

  2. I love giving and receiving books because I am such an avid reader. In a pinch, I beg for gift cards so I can buy what I want for myself.

    For example....next week is my birthday so I told my hubby to let anybody who called for gift ideas to get me Amazon or B&N gcs so I can buy myself some of the lovely things coming out the week after my birthday, like JR Ward and Shayla Black's new releases.

    I bought the Percy Jackson series for my son for little Christmas since he, like his mother, is a voracious reader.

  3. glad she loved the pressie, Liz :) a present, no matter if it's a book, bell or candle, a present is most always appreciated -- but isn't it all the more rewarding when we actually 'get it right' and they LOVE it :) aww that's the best present...the giving of best thought out present.

    Oh, my daughter just ordered the Percy Jackson series from the school book club -- she borrowed the first one from the school library, and it was falling to pieces, so when she suggested she had her own set I was more than happy to oblige...esp at $20 for the complete collection! That was a great buy.