Monday, March 7, 2011

80s, The decade of mainstream erotic movies

I've been at it again...guest blogging that is!
Check me out at author, Dawne Prochilo's blog...

9 1/2 weeks, Red Shoes Diaries and Wild Orchid.

For those of you who don't know, I have been taking my had at writing a romance series set in the 80s. I do have a current release out, which is a contemporary paranormal, but my infinity with the 80s led me to try out a new genre. And what's great about this is, I get to listen to all the songs from my teenage, have a crush on Corey Haim and River Phoenix days. My 80s novella is much, much hotter than my usual style, maybe I've found my calling? Or maybe it's the 80s movies I've been watching to draw inspiration from. Yeah, not only did that decade bring us awesome John Hughes movies to revisit, and similar type rom coms with angsty teenagers, but we also have the adult 80s romance movies that were borderline porn. Yeah, you remember them? *fans self down* Don't pretend you don't.... click to read full blog post!

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