Saturday, May 14, 2011


THE REVOLVING BOOK welcomes both authors and readers alike! We feature ONE new release per week (THE REVOLVING BOOK).

What makes us so unique? We feature books that sometimes go unnoticed – books that might slip under the radar – books that could end up being “keepers” on your bookshelf but they haven’t been given that chance because they didn’t get a big promotion or they were put out by a small press or they were published independently by the authors or because they’re older titles that have been re-printed etc… THE REVOLVING BOOK doesn’t operate like most book sites – we don’t review books (we do include links to reviews) and we don’t choose primarily based on what’s new or up and coming (however we do post new releases with great pleasure). We go by the authors themselves (and publishers as well). Authors send in their submissions – (both old and new titles) – as long as it’s in print it’s eligible to be THE REVOLVING BOOK. And we think that’s pretty darn special!

We also feature THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK – along with THE REVOLVING BOOK posting. It’s a fun way to connect with fellow readers and writers. The answers and comments run from fun to outrageous to poignant – and they are always interesting!

PLUS! We always have giveaways and other goodies to be had!

Love any good books lately?

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  1. Well, shucks, I'll give this a try! Been on PVN, and a few other places and need a couple more to place my book on, and have another give away.
    Sounds good!