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Trip Around The World Mega Author Blog Hop, Your Ticket To Liverpool Awaits!

Hello, and welcome to Liverpool! Hop aboard the tour bus for the next stop on the Ticket to Paradise Mega Author Blog Hop! To find the first stop, visit Kristine Cheney's blog! Blog tour starts midnight, 16th May, and ends 23rd May at midnight.

Beat you to the top of the bus! And don't forget your camera. Oh, the natives are trying to say something to you...

"Arr-eye, lichk, fancy comin' down pub for a bevvy?"
Any clue what they just said? He's going to try again, without the accent.
"Aww. Aye. Like. Fancy coming down pub for a bevy?"
Still no clue? No problem, the bus driver is going to speak plain, British English.
"Moan. Do you fancy coming down the pub for a pint?"
Still not clear? Okay, I'll translate to American English.
"I'm bored, do you want to go out for a beer?"
Ah, you've got it now!

Yeah, those Liverpudlians, or Scousers, (people from Liverpool) have a language all of their own, and this posed a challenge and a half when writing When A Mullo Loves A Woman, my paranormal romance mystery. Why? Because Pearl Kizzy, the main character, is a Liverpudlian living in Monterey. Now, I wanted to get her background in, Liverpudlian all the way, but it's annoying when authors write with the slang and accent (see first line above! Imagine reading a book from a Liverpudlians point of view if the author wrote it authentically, and with an accent? Ack, that would be hard reading).
A Brit audience would know what I was going on about, but it would be all mumbo-jumbo (nonsense) to the average American. And since I am writing for an American audience, I had to get it right. Wanted to. Heck, most of my beta readers and critique parters didn't even know what a Liverpudlian was, never mind how they spoke. So I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. And here was me thinking writing about a Brit in America would be easy because I'm there myself. Ha! Silly me.

I decided to take a more subtle approach by slipping in the odd 'Arr, ay' in, along with a few other Brit sayings that weren't too 'out there'. I was careful with context, too, making sure whatever slang Pearl said was clearly defined by what happened before and after she said it.

Why did I decide Pearl should be from Liverpool? Because it's the one place in the UK where I used to enjoy going... it's where Richard and Judy spent years presenting Brits #1 morning show. Where fashion shopping (on the cheap) is aplenty and is, of course, the home of the Beatles. And let's not's where the soap, Brookside, was filmed. Also, I knew the accent well, since my wee home town in North Wales serves as their main holiday destination.

When A Mullo Loves A Woman, available to buy from all major ebook retailers!

"Take a chance on this new author and pick up this book. I was thoroughly entertained by this offering and am sure you will be too" -- BittenByBooks

"I got so caught up in it, there were a lot of fun quotes, too. 'I'm up the ghostie creek without an emf meter is my favorite." -- Demon Lover's Books And More

"A winning and surprising Paranormal Romance" -- The Romance Reviews

How would you spend the weekend, if you were to visit Liverpool?

You'd probably want to grab a bevy (beer) in The Cavern(although not 100% the original location where The Beatles played, it is the original bricks. Yeah, weird or what? It was rebuilt up on 50% of the original building site, brick by original brick.

The Beatles Museum on The Albert Dock is probably also going to be on your list, as is the Tate Art Gallery and The Merseyside Maritime museum. And quite possibly, you might also take theYellow Boat Tour! If you're traveling by road, you might have to pass through the Mersey Tunnel or take the Mersey Ferry. And you really couldn't stop by Liverpool without dropping in to see Knowsley Hall and attractions.

Or you might wanna take a walk/drive down Penny Lane, made infamous by The Beatles

But I feel I should warn you, Liverpudlians are deadly serious when it comes to football, and supporting their team. And you'll probably watch a lot of it if you do go down the pub for a bevy. Also, you'll probably indulge in a bar meal...lasagna, chicken curry or pie n chips. If that's not your cuppa tea, you can always pop down the Docks for some properFish 'n' Chips! YUM

And one last video about Liverpool before I give you the contest details... everything you need to know about holidaying in this great city!

So who's up for a trip down Liverpool, like? I've got a ticket to ride (yeah, Beatles pun), fancy joining me?

There's a prize in it for ya!
Mullo is currently going through the process of going to print, and one lucky commenter could win the first sig
ned copy of When A Mullo Loves A Woman (prize will be sent out when available) PLU
S a custom book thong AND they'll get to name a character in book two, which so happens to take place in LIVERPOOL! That's not all, there's a second prize, too. A PDF of When A Mullo Loves A Woman.

What do you have to do to win?
Easy... do one, all, or some of the following:

1) Go watch my vlog here and comment (1point) ALSO BONUS CONTEST ON MY VLOG -- when I get 100 vlog subscribers, my publisher is going to give away free ecopies of my book When A Mullo Loves A Woman, to 3 lucky subscribers. So be sure to click 'google follow' when you visit.
2) Add me, or my book, to your Goodreads (1point each)

3) Comment on this blog post mentioning which tasks you did. Be sure to include links and/or usernames so I can confirm which takes you have completed.

4) Subscribe to this site via Google Follow (1 point)

Last but not least,
Hope you had fun! And good luck, to each and every one of you. There are some majorly awesome prizes up for grabs -- be sure to leave some way for me to contact you if you should win my prize -- like a twitter, youtube or blogger account, or email.

And the tour starts here:Kristine Cheney


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