Saturday, October 8, 2011

Me? A Bestseller?

That there silver star on my books page at means my brand new release made it to bestseller status just days after its release! I must admit, I didn't know what it meant. Perhaps I'd sold a number of books, I thought, when I first spotted it. Ten, maybe? Or the book had been marked as a favorite by a number of shoppers...but what I didn't expect it to mean is that I'd hit a bestseller list. Me? A bestseller? NO FRIGGIN' WAY! WOOT Huge thank you to everyone who brought Sweet Irish Kiss this weekend, it's because you that I'm jumping around like a lunatic, and probably making quite the fool of myself. And thank you to everyone who worked so hard on it behind the scenes...from the woman who brought us that swoon worthy cover Fantasia Frog Designs, to all the Decadent Publishing editors who made it sparkle, Kate, Nicole, Meredith...and to Valerie, Lisa, and Heather for their continued and unswaying support.
Reckon I should quite while I'm ahead, you don't want to hear me go on and ya?
Not brought it yet? Not sure what the heck I'm going on about? Sweet Irish...what? Hit up the first review HERE, which is a five starer. Yeah, I've had quite a weekend. And HERE'S the book detail page right here on my links and trailer complete.

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