Sunday, August 12, 2012

come meet The Bone Cruncher - Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop

It's been a smokin' hot you should perhaps pump up that aircon because things are about to get hotter! A lot hotter. Almost 100 blogs offering prizes, have joined forces for a HAWT summer blog hop. And the theme? HOT SUMMER HEROS! Isn't the promo pic delicious?
Before I get started with my contribution to the hop, I firstly wanted to thank Caris Roane, H.D. Thomson, and Bella Media Management for organizing the blog hop.
Secondly, I wanted to just point out that at the bottom of my post is the link list with all the blogs participating so you can get to hopping right away. OR if you prefer,  you can click the smexy blog hop image to be taken to the 'blog hop hub' to find out more.

So...are you ready? Get set. Go!

Since Bittersweet Symphony JUST released (10th August) I'm going to talk about the dark and brooding Bone Cruncher from my Tales from the Coffin series. For me, there is nothing sexier than a creature of the night-sexy supernatural being-who lurks in the shadows and never reveals his deepest emotions unless he finds a woman worthy...and then he'll bare all! They're mysterious, they're dangerous, and they're almost forbidden. Angel. Yes. The vampire with a soul. he's my man! Well, he would be if I were a fictional character who could beat up Buffy (like anyone could beat her up) and play the damsel in distress to perfect. Because there was nothing Angel loves more than to safe a woman in need. And baby, I'm in need.
The Bone Cruncher is kinda based on Angel...and SPIKE. Brooding. Snarky. British. And hungry for love.

The Bone Cruncher's Song
Buy Track  - The Animal

The Lyrics (c) Disturbed THE ANIMAL

I can feel the animal inside
My resolve is weakening
Pounding at the doors of my mind
It's nearly overpowering
I cannot begin to describe
The hunger that I feel again
Run if you intend to survive
For the beast is coming to life

A little set up for those who haven't heard of the series before:

Estella, Vampire Queen of the Rejected,
royally invites you to join herself and her zombie lover for a fix of dark erotic tales sure to tickle your fancy and give you the shivers. But mind your manners, because she bites.

Click the ladies to discover more about this undead story teller and her sidekick waiting to entertain, or perhaps eat you.

Tales from the Coffin series to date, in order

Strange and Beautiful - out now
All the Pretty Faces - out now
Bittersweet Symphony - out now
Treacle and Treason - out October 26th 2012

And here's a little excerpt featuring my little cruncher, taken from All The Pretty Faces - Tales from the Coffin Book two.

I hope you Enjoy.

Estella, Vampire Queen of the Rejected, strutted back and forth across the basement, her feet clad in lace-up Victorian ankle boots. Once upon a time white, they were now scuffed and stained. The metal-tipped heels chipped at the aged floorboards as she shuffled like a tap dancer on speed. Her vampiric movements caused her raspberry-red hair to flap about like butterfly wings, disturbing the stale, dusty air.
“Keep this up, and our guest will think you’re one of Dracula’s Brides,” Lucy crooned, her Yorkshire accent as crass as her platinum hair.
She didn’t just go there, did she? Estella didn’t have time for a lovers’ tiff, because The Bone Cruncher was coming early. His energy drew closer, raw and dripping with testosterone.
The strange tingle of nerves in her stomach wasn’t her style. Had she succumbed to lusting after men again? Or was it plain old hunger? Must be the latter. She had a sexy bombshell to quench her desires of the flesh—albeit rotting zombie flesh—and she’d sworn herself off men since the whole stood-up-at-the-altar-by-Dracula thing two centuries ago.
“Lucy, be a dear and send him down here, would you?”
“Send who downstairs?” Footsteps from above. Heavy. Masculine. They drew the blonde’s glance upward, and she sniffed the air. Recognition hit her expression. “The Bone Cruncher? How did you do that?”

WIN either book one (Strange and Beautiful) or book two (All the Pretty Faces) from the Tales from the Coffin series.

CONTEST CLOSED - winner June M