Thursday, August 9, 2012

#new release BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY friends to lovers ghost story

Tales from the Coffin BOOK THREE , Bittersweet Symphony

The Bone Cruncher hasn't visited in a while, and Estella thinks it's something she did. Misery loves company, but she loves food more. Estella puts on a smile and musters up an erotic story. But can she make it to the end of the tale without comfort eating?
To onlookers, Seren lived the high life in London with her orchestra conductor of a husband. She had a major case of unrequited love for her bestfriend, though, so their relationship was doomed from the beginning. Divorce papers served, it's time for her to go back to her home town on the England-Wales border and face the music.
Owen, now a postman of their little market town, is thrilled to see Seren when he shows up at her doorstep with mail. It's not before they're releasing their pent up lust and love for each other. Within that mail, though, are letters addressed to Seren's parents. They're from her ex and hold a truth Seren is too fearful to face. Even with Owen by her side.


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“One finger, albeit a small one, still counts toward the debt.” Estella couldn’t help herself—her pain came out in snark, and poor Lucy took the brunt of it. Oh well. It wouldn’t be the first time. Or the last. She was lucky to have found someone so needy who would put up with her ways.
“You wouldn’t?” Lucy looked down at her shaky hands. Judging by the increasing tremors, she actually thought Estella was capable of doing it again. Oh. Wait. She was. “One. Two. Three…no, still only two missing.”
“Sleep with one eye open, dear, or you might find yourself fingered. And in the future, never, ever call me sweetness. At least, not in public.”
“Hmm, I don’t believe you would purposefully harm me.”
“Don’t be so sure.” Estella took a sip of tea from the delicate china cup. “I’m royal, and you’ll do well to remember that.”

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