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Howloween #contest WIN THREE books from bestselling author, JoAnne Kenrick!

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WINNERS: KATHY & SHERI!!! An email has been sent to each winner xx so go check your inbox xx

Have I got a contest for you! Estella and Lucy are grumpy at the best of times, but recently even more so. Why? Because Lucy's days as a zombie are numbered and Estella is discovering there is more between herself and the Bone Cruncher than she first thought.
Their story is unraveling as each book is published. Sure, the purpose of the Tales from the Coffin books is to deliver a dark, un-happy ever after to readers with a heavy does of sexy times and horror, but you also get a snippet into Estella's vampiric dark world in the basement of her York Cemetery house.
So pull up a chair...I'm going to share a snippet from the latest goings on in Estella's boudoir, then offer up a prize too good to miss out on.

EXCERPT, Tales from the Coffin book four - Treacle and Treason (A Guy Fawkes retelling)
(c) Joanne Kenrick,  Decadent Publishing


It’s Bonfire Night, but the fireworks in Estella’s boudoir are more impressive than any rocket or sparkler.  She has more pressing things on her mind than trivial traditions like burning the guy and crunching her canines on treacle toffee. A spot of unrequited love, and her little deady bear’s rotting body. 
What better way to distract herself than to entertain you with a ghostly retelling of the infamous Guy Fawkes and the Fifth of November legend.

In York, England—new job, new life—Tansy finds herself both fascinated and scared by the haunted history this cobbled-street city has to offer. Determined not to let her fears chase her back to her small home town, she spends the night in the birth place of Guy Fawkes on the anniversary of his arrest. When she comes face to face with the spirit of Britain’s most notorious conspirer, he kisses her oh so scandalously. The ghost of his lover joins the interlude, and takes over Tansy’s body. Possessed by Marie, she is powerless to interrupt the passion exploding between them. Not that she’d want to. Pleasure abound, their story is unraveled… …and it’s nothing like the history books depict.

“Hey.” Lucy rammed a hand into the side of her own neck—squish—another failed attempt to fix herself. Her bottom lip quivered and her chin did the little wobble it often did when she got emotional. “A little help? I can’t take myself to my doctor for a fixing up with a crooked head. I’m likely to smash into walls and run into traffic.” Her knee popped out with a disturbing crunch and her legs gave way under her. She landed with a thud. “I need my necromancer of a husband to sort this out. Estella, you need to take me.”
Oh. Bloody. Hell. She froze. Estella hadn’t been out into the real world, even after dark, in many years. Say, over one hundred years. Fear kept her close to her coffin. Fear of human interaction, of seeing what she once had with Dracula, and of seeing time without him pass by. A killing machine she might be, but her soul was delicate and trapped in the past. It was why she needed Lucy in the first place; she did more than bring home dinner. But Estella couldn’t very well let her connection to the world outside the brick walls sit in a heap of rotting flesh without trying to help her.
What lay outside those walls put the frighteners up her, yet she surged toward her zombie-in-distress. Estella’s fingers balled into tight fists. Without a pulse, breath, or body heat, vampires didn’t show physical signs of a panic attack. But, by golly, she found it most unpleasant. Didn’t like it one bit. Her chest tightened then a sudden sense of self-preservation to hurdle toward her coffin overwhelmed her. She couldn’t do it. Maybe The Bone Cruncher hadn’t left the building yet. He could help. Even though she might have already overstepped her boundaries and begged for far too many favors, she had to give it a go.
“Cruncher,” she hollered. “Cruncher, I need you.” Booms of his heavy footing echoed throughout, and he reappeared in the doorway seconds later. “I thought you’d never admit to needing any—”


PRIZES, in ebook format of winners choice:


  1. has to be books, they are never as scary to me as movies, and i have never ever been able to sit through a horror/scary movie (took forever to watch Wizard of was those stupid flying monkeys that always did me in). So, knowing what a chicken i really am, one of the scariest i ever watched was an old movie called SSSSSSS (at least that's my memory of the title) where this guy turned into a snake at the end. Now, go figure, i love the Walking Dead :)

  2. I think really good books are scarier than movies, as you can get all caught up in them, but a scary movie I like watching over and over is the Wizard of Oz. Do not tell me it is not scary!

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  4. My favorite scary movie is anything with zombies. But The Shining by Stephen King still scares me

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  5. I never watch scary movies! I am a big scardy cat LOL
    Happy Halloween!!
    Thanks so much for the contest!

  6. I was to scare to watch scary movies, but I like Resident Evil Movie.
    Happy Hallowen :)

    1. forget write my email

  7. I have neen watching scary movies and reading scary books forever. My grandpa was born in the Transylvanian Mountains of the Austo Hungarian Empire. He lived 15 minutes from Vlad. He always said He was a very very bad man. My favorite old time scary movie is Dracula with Bella L. Listen to the children of the night. I love your stlye of writing Its fun . My other favorite movie is High Spirits scary and funny. I am Kathy (Gabri) Nigro Thanks

  8. Honestly, I'm not a fan of *really* scary stuff. But I did summon up the courage to read The Silence of the Lambs, but only in the daylight. *shudders*

    lucy at lucyfelthouse dot co dot uk

  9. My fave is Final Destination was great but not overwhelming lol I could still sleep after :)

  10. Happy Halloween!! Thank you so much for the awesome hop and giveaway! :) I love scary movies. Anything really. lol I like the Alien movies, the Puppet Masters, the Halloween, House on Haunted Hill, and so many others! And right now, i cant wait to watch sinister! :D