Sunday, January 27, 2013

#sixsunday - oceanic spell

Hard to believe this is the last six sunday via Hopefully, y'all keep it up with the hashtag #sixsunday ;) Because on the Sundays I can take part, I love doing so. It's been--and hopefully continues to be--a real pleasure reading your snippets and cheering you all on for submissions, contract congratulations, and new release news!

For this week, I thought I'd share from a WIP. I've not done that for ages, and typically share from my most current release. But this week is special, right?

Without any more fussing, here's a six from a new 1NS trilogy I've been working on. There are all kinds of shifters in this collection, but is mostly centered on Selkies. It should be ready to submit pretty soon (it's with critique readers as we speak), so hopefully I've got good news to share soon.

SEAL THE DEAL, Isle of Man and Selkie book1

The opening six

The sequence of events he longed for had begun.
He didn’t think another lunar eclipse on February 29th would be possible; he had to move fast or perhaps miss the last—and only—opportunity to undo the oceanic spell shrouding him in misery. Sliding from his watch-point rock a few miles out from the little tourist trap, Port St. Mary, he delved into the depths of the icy Irish Sea. Water lapping at him, he twisted and clapped his flippers over the foamy surface. Icy waves crashed over his seal self. He barked then unleashed another and another, each increasing in volume for the benefit of his aquatic friends.

And for the last time ever (wah) .... please don't forget to drop by the Six Sunday site for more snippets to read --


  1. I think I probably me you here on Six Sunday, JoAnne! I'm still reading Seal the Deal. The opening is awesome!

    1. *cringes* now I'm wondering what you think of the rest of it! LOL

  2. Sounds like a very exciting beginning :-)

  3. This is very intriguing! Love selkies.

  4. Oh, a different kind of shapeshifter. Nice.
    --Kimberly K. Comeau

  5. *grins* Love that you're all diggin' the Selkie!

  6. Very fun six, JoAnne! Could feel the chill of the water with him. Love the idea for this character. :)

  7. Fantastic six! I love selkies and the folklore that goes along with them. I hope to read more from this!

  8. It's so nice that you're starting something on this last SSS. Fascinating beginning!

  9. Oh, another 1Night Stand sub-series. Exciting! Great six! :)

  10. Lovely visuals here and I could see him frolicing in the sea. All the best, JoAnne

  11. Nice snippet. Is the bit about a lunar eclipse on leap day genuine Selkie lore? Because it seems a bizarre and interesting combination - a conjunction of the natural astronomical calendar with the one that we humans have created ourselves. :)