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Love Me or Leave Me by Stephanie Draven - A 1920s smashing good time - Review

Love Me or Leave MeLove Me or Leave Me by Stephanie Draven
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A novella length 20s erotic romance penned by Stephanie Draven in the first person point of view in present tense. That's six reasons why I should love this book right there, hence why this was a must-read for me.

And it did NOT disappoint!

I don't really have time for full length books so much these days, so novellas and shorts are my preference. Not only that, but when I find an author who can write in the 1st person in present tense, and do it well...heck, I'm theirs for life! Yes. I'm am now Stephanie's book bitach; a reader of her work for life.

The moment I opened the first page on my Kindle, right til the very last word, I did not stop reading. She had me from start to finish, each perfect scene to the next flowed beautifully. At times I felt like I was right there with the characters, spying on them almost.

The hero is a brut, I'll be frank; he isn't my usual type of swoon-worthy leading man. He's crass. He's mean. And he's...well... damned hawt. I didn't think I'd like him. In fact, for a long while I didn't. But as the story progressed, and with the way the heroine responded to him, the way she knew it was wrong to love him, to want him as much as she did, well, it was just too much to resist. He was too much to resist.

Ms. Draven did a spectacular job at developing her characters and telling their story, and the attention to detail for the decade and setting was simply amazing.

And what tipped this story to an OMG-it-was-awesome was the last scene and his request of her (those who've read the book will know what I mean - no spoilers here!). Fans, cold showers, ice drinks... yeah, you may need one or more of those after reading Love Me or Leave Me.

Psyched to see there are more 20s stories coming our way from Ms., where is that pre-order page?

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