Sunday, January 6, 2013

#sixsunday - You cheeky beggar! Irish Kisses by @joannekenrick

This week's six comes from Hot Winter Kiss, a 1Night Stand story set in a remote Irish castle amidst a snow storm.

Irish Kisses book four, can be read as a stand alone.
Amazon category bestseller, #1 Ireland.

Irish Kisses book four - Hot Winter Kiss by JoAnne Kenrick with Decadent Publishing, an Irish Holiday Romance set in remote Ballygalley castle Ireland. Bell's Irish Pub
“Not going to let me forget about that, are you?” Sandra backed up against a kitchen cupboard and gulped.
He strutted into her personal space and nudged her chin. “Nope, and I’m only ta happy ta oblige a replay...for memories sake,” he rasped, slinking forward and pinning her against the worktop behind her.
“You cheeky beggar.” Sandra glanced over his shoulder and willed herself not to look him in the eye, for if she did, her knees would buckle and she’d slam to the ground.

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Happy New Year, and of course, happy reading!


  1. Oh, I have a feeling he'd catch her before she fell to the ground. Great six! :-)

  2. Aw I bet he wouldn't let her drop. Or if she did, he'd join her.

  3. Love those Irish guys! Great six!!
    Amy Durham