Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Get Captivated - Reading for charity.

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Elizabeth Lapthorne kidnapped my full attention in Captivated, her story in the charity anthology COMING TOGETHER, With Curves. (in print and ebook).

Following Lily Harlem's Cross Trainer story, and then a shimmy and a shiver in Bella Buxom, my contribution to the Coming Together; With Curves anthology that benefits PARKINSON'S UK, Ms. Lapthorne delivers a dark, scary experience which quickly turns into something kinky and fun with the added twist at the end. She had me biting my nails, gasping in horror, and wiggling in excitement. Sometimes all at once. Phew, I need a tea break now ;)

My favorite snippet from Captivated

This mini excerpt is PG 13 rated. Please be aware that the anthology is rated R/adult and is not suitable for minors due to 
sexual content and language.

"Please, you need to listen to me. I'm nobody. I truly think you've made a terrible mistake. You've got the wrong woman."
The loud sound of something tearing filling the van. Fear cut through her like a bolt of lightning. Heart racing, Zoe's words died away, her mind frozen once more. Scuttling crab-like she moved backwards until she bumped painfully against the far wall of the van.

Elizabeth Lapthorne is extremely curious, which is why she studied science, and often tells “interesting” stories, loving a good laugh. She is a self-confessed email junkie, loving to read what other people on the EC board think and have to say, she laughs often at their tales and ideas. She recently has developed a taste for the gym. She’s sure she read somewhere it was good for her, but she is reserving judgment to see how long it lasts.

Join me tomorrow for a review and snippet from the fifth story in COMING  TOGETHER; With Curves.

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