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Zumba up... in Red Rag to a Bull - Reading For Charity.

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Victoria Blisse shakes her thang in Red Rag to a Bull, her story in the charity anthology COMING TOGETHER, With Curves. (in print and ebook)

Following Elizabeth Lapthorne's Captivated in the Coming Together; With Curves anthology that benefits PARKINSON'S UK, Ms. Blisse rocks our socks off with a danse-infused, zumba hyped, curvy-licious flirty story. Red Rag to a Bull has such a fun vibe, and the words just flow effortlessly. Ms. Blisse pulled me into the character's mind...every word had me right there in the story. I was so rooting for Grace, the buxom babe, who meets a hunky dude at a zumba class! Looking for some flirty, sexy readin'? Look no further. Ms. Blisse does is perfectly!

My favorite snippet from Red Rag to a Bull

This mini excerpt is PG 13 rated. Please be aware that the anthology is rated R/adult and is not suitable for minors due to 
sexual content and language.

I’ve not had sex in four years. I was miserable for one of them and I’ve taken Zumba classes for the past three. You’re probably thinking that doesn’t make sense, but believe you me, it does. I will be forever thankful for the day that Sharon, my workmate, told me about her dance class.
I laughed her down at first. I am not terribly well co-ordinated and I’m a big woman, I love my curves and I didn’t want to lose them. But she explained it was just exercise, it wasn’t a serious dance class and I could eat extra chocolate and cake to maintain my luscious body if I wanted to. The extra chocolate tipped the balance so I decided to try it out with her one night. It was fun. The first lesson I spent most of the time trying to not trip over my own feet or stand on anybody else’s, but I enjoyed it. The upbeat music, the laughter and the sociability of it all.

Victoria Blisse is a Mother, Wife, Christian, Manchester United Fan and Award Winning Erotica Authoress. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, and the co-editor of the fabulousSmut by the Sea vol 1 & vol 2Smut Alfresco and Smut in the City Anthologies.
You can often find Victoria procrastinating on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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