Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A fun twist on book trailers with #IrishKisses MARRY ME, I'M IRISH

Since MARRY ME, I'M IRISH ( FREE Irish Kisses book 5 and finale) has just released, I got my Rolf Harris on and drew up some trailer fun...and revisited all the Irish Kisses books. No more tasty treats from Bell's Irish Pub, where the drinks are cool and the service is HAWT. But not to stress if you're a fan. I do have something up my writerly sleeve may see Sandra and Ardan, Liz and Devlin returning for something 'new'.

Let's give those boys from Bell's a big hug and give them some love. I'm gonna miss 'em.


Life couldn't be more perfect. Liz Grant has it all; a starring role in a major motion picture, a fabulous apartment central-London, and a great boyfriend who knows how to mix a mean cocktail and make her come with a flick of a switch. He works for Bell's Irish Pub, so she gets free drinks, too!

A surprise for St. Patrick's day. There's just one problem. Devlin Kinney wants to marry her. Like, now. And rip her away from her glamorous life. Why? So they can live happily ever after in a wee country cottage in the heart of Belfast, Ireland. What’s a city girl to do? He is Irish. And he does have a certain way with words. And vibrating toys. But does she love him enough to leave the comforts of England? And is there something behind his sudden proposal?

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