Monday, May 13, 2013

All tied up... in Six Lengths of Red Hemp. Reading for Charity.

Rope Image by Keerati
Tilly Hunter ties us up good and proper with Six Lengths of Red Hemp, her story in the charity anthology COMING TOGETHER, With Curves. (in print and ebook)

She ties us up, and entangles us deep into the erotic scene between artist and subject. There's no getting away from how deeply engaging this story is; every knot, every wrap...we feel it all thanks to Ms. Hunter's rich descriptions. This is one hot little number that kicks off the With Curves charity anthology that benefits PARKINSON'S UK. Iced drink was needed before I moved on to the next story.

My favorite snippet from Six Lengths of Red Hemp
(clean snippet, anyway LOL)

This mini excerpt is PG 13 rated. Please be aware that the anthology is rated R/adult and is not suitable for minors due to sexual content and language.

His print of Women After Bathing by Renoir was the one he loved the best, the long slope of the woman's back under her piled-up hair. Louisa soon realised she didn't have to settle for the hope that her personality wold dazzle him into forgetting she wasn't built like a supermodel. Dan had first struck up a conversation precisely because of that fact.
Most of all, he loved to blindfold her, then tie her in intricate shibari in front of the full-length mirror in their bedroom. The ropes would vibrate against Lousia's body as he pulled each length through, the weave rubbing against itself and thrumming through her skin. She would try to guess where the rope would be wound next.

Tilly Hunter is a British erotica writer. Of course, that's not her real name, but it's the one she uses when she wants to write filthy stories full of BDSM, chicken coops and pure new wool. Her first solo collection of short stories, Miranda's Tempest, is out now at Amazon and other online bookstores.  You can connect with with Tilly on Twitter @TillyHErotica or at her blog

Tomorrow, review and snippet from the next story in COMING TOGETHER; With Curves -- Cross Trainer Number Four by Lily Harlem

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  1. Thanks so much JoAnne. I'm looking forward to your impressions of all the other stories.