Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reading for charity! COMING TOGETHER; With Curves

Available at Smashwords for JUST $2.99, for £1.98.
Curves also will soon be available from Create Space as a paperback!

My contribution to this wicked collection of shorts for charity is called BELLA BUXOM, Just Squeeze Me...

Exclusive sneak look right here, right now!

Charlie’s in love with Bella Buxom. Can't focus on his work, can't go a day without seeing her. He’s never met her, mind, just admired her afar for the last year. When his dream woman steps off the burlesque stage and into his life, is she more woman than he can handle?

EXCERPT is NOT suitable for minors. (language and sexual references)
The ANTHOLOGY is 18+  only due to adult language and sexual content.

The buxom beauty gyrates to the smooth jazz tune, her red locks swishing with the movement. And her breasts, sh*t, I'm unable to take my gaze off her sun-kissed breasts. I can't help but wonder how those sparkly circles stick to her nipples. Glue? Are her nubs red and tender after a show? Oh, I'd love a chance to kiss them better.
"Here's your drink, Charlie." The cute waitress who usually serves on Wednesdays slides a cola and whisky in front of me. "Bella's good tonight, right?" she says, before scurrying to the bar tucked away in the back of London's side-street burlesque club.
"Always is." I call after her.
I down half the drink then snap my attention back to the goddess on stage. I question why I've never had a voluptuous lover. I reckon I'd enjoy spanking a robust bottom and massaging huge tits. Even just gazing upon a curvaceous lass such as this, all wanton and sprawled out on my bed, would be a treat.
Damn, Bella Buxom is fine! Forties pin-up girl perfection, with dips and curves I could happily die for.
The dancer trips over an oversized dildo, bringing her hand to her mouth in a 'oops' gesture. An infectious giggle spreads through the audience, and the bloke behind is hysterical. I turn to offer a scowl in hopes of shaming him into shutting up. But I notice it's Steven, another regular at the place. He's huge, nose crooked like it's been broken. I nod in acknowledgment and decide to deal rather than ask the hulk to shut the hell up. I prefer watching Bella over causing hassle.
She's now acting shocked over the width and length of the adult toy. Ha, this girl is adorable. Such confidence to bare all, well, practically all, while making fun of sex. Not like some cheap stripper. Nope. Her act is tasteful in a playful, smutty kinda way. And she can sing. Bloody hell, can she sing.
Shimmying across the stage, making full comedic use of nearby props, she sings the classy jazz song Just Squeeze Me in seductive tones. The lights dim. A pale-blue spotlight illuminates her, casts shadows over her curves. Her pout is even more seductive now. I'm in awe. Maybe in love. The sweet sounds of her rich, velvet voice wraps around me and takes a hold. Talk about smitten, I feel like a teenager jonesing for my first celebrity crush; Rose McGowan, the red head from Charmed.
She blows me? Huh. I'm sure it's me she's flashing her big blues at. Conscious I'm gawking, I glance at my co- workers also here to enjoy the show. Their mouths are open, too.
The red curtain falls and the house lights go up. The audience hoots their delight, but the show is over. No more Bella Buxom for tonight. 

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